Ode to the feminine…

My inner child speaks…

I know I must be worth something, I know you like being around me sometimes…
you giggle till it looks like your body might develop some cracks, you smile
like your lips will turn into a circle and your body wriggles like you’re
wrestling with a big feather…

I find peace and atonement in myself in my ability to give you pleasure… what
does it really feel like for me you might ask? It’s an alignment of my heart,
body, and intuition that is the light which I can shine onto the walls of your
being, the walls that define you as a woman. Slowly gliding my energy on their
boundaries like they are wet sand castles, where every grain is seen for its
shape and I embody all of god’s expressions with love…

Well what does that mean, embody with love? Here the desire, the erotic dance
like wild natives talking to God with the souls of their feet… it is a wild
frenzy, scary, colorful, without bounds, without words, full of sound and
breath… and to embody them? Somewhere in myself there is a vastness, a place
so huge, so light, yet so empty that when the sand, shakti’s form, enters, it
fills the container to its brim, and the fullness it holds satisfies it’s own
desire and I can only bow in gratitude and greatness for I am that which has

And to what end you might ask? The light takes each shape, each contour, each
bowl that holds it’s own energy, each peak which radiates like an lone call on a
mountain top and asks them are they all they can be, want to be, scream to be…
to yell so loudly that some become something else, where a peace, a returning to
wholeness, where an ecstasy brings bliss and contentment to those than cannot
find their own reflection, their very sense for being on this earth…

Thanks for being my inspiration dear one,


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